Oana Paula Vainer


Liebster Vater, du hast mich letzthin einal gefragt, warum ich behaupte Catedralalala, relaxing fireplace with crackling fire sounds Trei culori, desteapta-te!  EWEEKF 1. December 2012 - 2017 Der Kuss (Akku) Ein Schiff so gross wie ein Haus Heraldik des selbst Learning from you Trei culori, desteapta-te! Artist at work, again and again Perfect lovers The less I know the better Und es wurde dunkel An attack on my art is an attack on capitalism and freedom Ich will nicht ins Paradies, wenn der Weg dorthin so schwierig ist The order A white spot II Methodik der Farbenlehre My arm without tattoo Sol lucet omnibus A storytelling of a five days performance The Kiss 17.11.2014 Just steal it DE RO or the Biometric Burgundy Red May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, 2014-2015 Bruce loves Michelle, 2014, Paris A white spot PaPaPower Hangar Duzilor reloaded skaeP niwT Colours THROUGH YOUR EYES I CAN SEE The unforgettable fire Sesam, öffne dich! Two shooting stars Symmetrical reflection Doar luna si stelele ma iubesc Get rich or die trying, # 2 To whom it may concern The hardest part (2004 - 2007) Get rich or die trying Hangar Duzilor Projekt Der Kuckuck wird seltener, der Trojaner nicht You can't save yourself by saving the world, that's a mistake Sleeping beauty, Teilprojekt A haircut, a haircut, my kingdom for a haircut Sleeping beauty May The Giant Be With You Ohne Titel (Frisches Gras gemäht vor dem MNAC, Izvorstr. 2-4, Flügel E4, Bukarest) Home is the place you left Eine wahre Geschichte, das gemäß der World Record Academy längste Liebesgedicht Ohne Titel (Teebeutel aus Porzellan) Memory Hole "__________" How to take a decision for both of us Just as stars are hidden during the day yet hang above us still, it is true that one dreams all the day long, just as during the night.. EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD EXIST IN ORDER TO END UP IN A BOOK Tristan Christoph Land Drawings T. C. L. •P•








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